Big week coming up !

This coming week I’ll be presenting two projects in DeSingel in Antwerp !

The first is called ‘The Songbook of Success’, a collaboration with dancer Anne-Lene Noldner (DE), for which I composed electronic music in MAX/MSP that I’ll be performing live ! You are very welcome on Tuesday at 8pm and on Wednesday at 6pm, both in the Zwarte Zaal of DeSingel !

Tickets and reservation ->

The second project I’ll be presenting this week is the release of my second album as a leader and the first album of my large ensemble featuring Toma Gouband, Carlo Costa, Karin Defleyt, Elena Kakaliagou, Elisabeth Coudoux, Frantz Loriot, Cécile Broché, Henrik Munkeby Norstebo and Leonhard Huhn. The album is called ‘LE10 18-05’ and will be for sale at the concert. The official release date is 15th of April, out on Ruweh Records