Large Ensemble album LE10 18-05 OUT NOW !!!

!!!! My new album ‘LE10 18-05’ is now available for purchase !!!!

“This music is a single-minded immersion into the sound of each instrument of the ensemble, including those which remain silent. The sound is the sum of what is being played and the breathing, vibrating presence of those who stay ‘at the edge of darkness’, as Sciarrino would say.

This is austere music, but very hedonistic nonetheless, with a granular surface and occasional hints of a Scelsian drive, and is beautifully recorded. Never giving in to predictable behaviors or obvious arches, the ensemble illustrates each individual gesture in its transformation into a collective action. Not your typical ‘trombones will be trombones’ kind of record.”

– Giacomo Merega,     electric bassist and composer

Raphael Malfliet   electric bass & compositions
Karin De Fleyt   flutes
Leonhard Huhn   clarinets & alta saxophone
Elisabeth Coudoux   cello
Frantz Loriot    viola
Cécile Broché   violin
Elena Kakaliagou    horn
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø    trombone
Carlo Costa    drums & percussion
Toma Gouband    percussion