Large Ensemble

I’m preparing for my residency at Kunstencentrum Nona in Mechelen which starts this Monday.
I’m inviting 9 other players from Europe and US to form a Large ensemble and to play the music I have written for them…We will also be making a recording and play two concerts at the end of  next week.
Hope all goes well….. !

25th May Kunstencentrum Nona Mechelen

26th May Rataplan Antwerp


(c) Ellen Smeets

Floating Cities

A little while back now I wrote a piece for minimum 10 players called ‘Floating Cities’. It is based on an absurd experiment to build certain parts of cities on floating devices to make them withstand the rising sea level. This piece will be performed this Wednesday at 7pm at DeSingel by the ‘Young Conservatory’ ensemble supervised by Dirk Proost

Check out the poster below

Grundstein Tour

Had a really great time playing with Stijn Demuynck’s trio Grundstein with Leonhard Huhn on saxophone. Check out some pictures of the tour below. More concerts will follow after the summer !


Leaving for a small tour with Stijn Demuynck’s Grundstein trio with Leonhard Huhn on sax.
looking forward to play and have loooaaadsss of fun with these guys !

Check out the dates below and Stijn’s website for more info

17.03 Brussels
Lawaai + Grundstein at Atelier Rue Verte

18.03 Köln
Mittagskonzert Lawaai + Grundstein at Atelier 350

19.03 Leipzig
Lawaai + Grundstein at Kulturnhalle

20.03 Berlin
3 Bands 1 night: Lawaai – Grundstein – Cleaning Each Other

Supersonic Fuzzgun 1.

Supersonic Fuzzgun 1. is a solo piece for effect pedals without any instrument attached to it. I presented it for the first time during the concert series ‘This Is Not A Concert Hall’ from the composition department of the RCA. You can hear the recording below. !!!Carefull!!! Sometimes it’s very high so be sure to adjust your volume! 




Floating Cities

Dirk Proost is a pedagogue working with talented young classical musicians. He tries to open up their views on music by introducing them to pieces by Cage, Oliveros, Feldman,... 
I wrote a piece for his students called 'Floating Cities' which is based on a utopian experiment to build parts of cities on interchangeable floating devices to withstand the rising of the sea level. 

It is written for a minimum of 10 players of any instrumentation. It will be premiered at DeSingel Antwerp on the 28th of March (Witte Zaal) and played again on the 13th of May in Lier at afestival called 'Lierische Kunsten'

You can learn more about Dirk's work here:

New solo

SOLO @ This Is Not A Concert Hall

I'll be playing a guitar/bass pedal and tape player solo set on the 27th of February at a concert series called 'This Is Not A Concert Hall' curated by the composition department of the RCA in Antwerp. Will start around 8 at room 147 in DeSingel Antwerp. 



Duo with Ann Eysermans at SMAK museum in Gent

The relatively new duo of Ann Eysermans (viola da gamba) and myself played a concert at the Citadelic concert series at the SMAK museum in Gent. It was a great night, great audience and also a great second set by the Joëlle Léandre and Sebastian Gramms, both on double bass. 

Geert Vandepoele took some great pictures !



Noumenon !

1 year ago I released my debut album 'Noumenon' on Ruweh Records
I'm currently writing the music for a second album which will feature a large ensemble of 10 players.
More to come in May 2018 !

If you wish to receive a copy of 'Noumenon', send me an email or order it through the label website (shipping from EU and US)

You can check two tracks on the Noumenon webpage on this site.