Human Show

Human Show is a singer-songwriter trio led by guitarist/singer Jennik Verlinden.

It all started when Jennik and producer/musician Roel Goovaerts, released the album 'Also' under the name of 'Alien Power Music'( The album represented the process of making laptop composed music. This music however was very layered, what made it difficult to bring as a live performance.

In February 2015 Jennik started working as a duo with bassplayer Raphael Malfliet. They called themselves Human Show and play Jennik's original songs which he has written over the years. The band does not make use of laptop samples, which for Jennik has a symbolic meaning of being Human. The limitations of being human and accepting what and who we are and to be proud to say "What you see is what you get". By seeing and hearing the music played live we hope that the audience will have an experience of awareness and acceptance. An experience of being human. And together we are Human Show ! In December 2015 Human Show became a trio with Tchi Ann Liu singing, dancing and playing the violin ! 

You can check out some recordings and video's below

(Pictures by Olympe Tits)