Large Ensemble

The idea of this ensemble came to existence during the writing process of my trio with Carlo Costa and Todd Neufeld (Noumenon). I first started to hear strings and kept on wanting a broader sound spectrum which opened up possibilities to work with the register. Gradually I started adding people I knew from other projects or that I had played with. When the instrumentation was final I combined my studies in contemporary composition with writing for this ensemble. I use different notations such as classic notation, graphic scores, symbols and written directions in a sort of game structure to achieve a state where the players (which are mostly improvisers) still retain their freedom but are at the same time guided to a place where I want the music to go, trying to find a balance between freedom in improvising and control in composition by leaving some parameters indeterminate.

At the same time I try to break up the traditional visual representation of this ensemble and approach every player more as actors coming on and leaving the stage for different scenes. In this scenes I work with spatialism and the acoustic projection of sound and the perception of fore and background.

The ensemble just finished a residency at KC NONA, a recording in Motor Music Mechelen and two concerts in Nona and Rataplan. Next year we play a concert at DeSingel in Antwerp on the 5th of April.


Cécile Broché – violin (BE)
Frantz Loriot – viola (FR/CH)
Elisabeth Coudoux – cello (DE)
Leonhard Huhn – clarinet (DE)
Karin De Fleyt – flute (BE)
Elena Kakaliagou – French horn (DE/GR)
Henrik Munkeby Norstebo – trombone (NO)
Carlo Costa – drums and percussion (US)
Toma Gouband – drums and objects (FR)
Raphael Malfliet – electric bass (BE)