A weightless sensation of losing any sense of time and time loosing and melting itself in particles. An endless journey of darkness, gold and light where dance meets sound and sound intensify dance.


Moriaki consists of drummer Stijn Demuynck, dancer Anna Senognoeva and bassplayer Raphael Malfliet. They all met while they were studying at the conservatory of Antwerp. In June 2015 Stijn invited Anya and Raphael to work on a performance and to perform it at the Adhoc festival in Cologne. After getting positive reviews and a future residency at the Tanzfaktur, the three of them decided to work, experiment, research and develop their ideas.

They started to think about the term 'Void'. It being something unknown, with endless possibilities and yet with certain boundaries. It sounded like a good start since the characteristics of the Void resembled those of the project at that time, unknown and with lots of potential and possibilities.

In August 2015 Moriaki came together again to develop their ideas. We started out by writing down words, feelings, thoughts, colors...of what the word 'void' could mean for us both individually and as a group. Some drawings quickly followed and a first glimpse of what could be sort of like an installation was made.

Intrigued by this idea we bought some steel cables and aluminum paper to make a prototype of this form that could represent a void. We were curious to see how it would influence our improvisations and how it could connect with the making of a composition and a choreography.

Moriaki will further develop 'VOID' during their October residency in Tanzfaktur in Cologne.