Ruweh Records

Ruweh Records is a Brooklyn based label founded in 2015 by guitarist Todd Neufeld and pianist/singer Rema Hasumi. 
The label focusses on supporting any kind of new music with a clear vision and a strong connection to improvisation. 
So far the label has released five albums which features amazing musicians. It was not only an honor to have Ruweh Records support my music, I am also proud to be a part of the label in helping to strengthen its position on the European market.

Below is a list of the current releases and their personnel. For more info please visit

Utazata - Rema Hasumi

Rema Hasumi - voice & piano
Todd Neufeld - guitar
Thomas Morgan - double bass
Billy Mintz - drums
Sergio Krakowski - Pandeiro
Ben Gerstein - trombone


Passaros: The Foundation Of The Island - Sergio Krakowski

Sergio Krakowski - pandeiro
Todd Neufeld - guitar
Vitor Goncalves - piano



Noumenon - Raphael Malfliet

Raphael Malfliet - electric bass & compositions
Todd Neufeld - electric & acoustic guitars
Carlo Costa - drums & percussion



Billows Of Blue - Rema Hasumi

Rema Hasumi - piano, voice & compositions
Masa Kamaguchi - double bass
Randy Peterson - drums




MU'U - Todd Neufeld

Todd Neufeld - guitar & compositions
Rema Hasumi - voice
Thomas Morgan - double bass
Billy Mintz - drums & congas
Tyshawn Sorey - drums & trombone