New Track + video


– Liked the sound of his voice
– Interested in harmonic spectrum
– Exercise in Max/Msp
– Ableton

Result: drone
Additional info: tricky business


Pumping/Posing is a piece for electric bass with live electronics created in Max/Msp. Since it is based on bodybuilding principles, it also involves a few poses.

First review: Raphael Malfliet: LE10 18-05

“Belgian-born electric bassist and composer Raphael Malfliet continues to explore the complex worlds of sound that he introduced on his acclaimed debut, Noumenon (Ruweh Records, 2016). However, his second album LE10 18-05 shifts focus from the tight constellation of the trio to the extended possibilities of a large acoustic ensemble.”

Source: Raphael Malfliet: LE10 18-05

Large Ensemble album LE10 18-05 OUT NOW !!!

!!!! My new album ‘LE10 18-05’ is now available for purchase !!!!

“This music is a single-minded immersion into the sound of each instrument of the ensemble, including those which remain silent. The sound is the sum of what is being played and the breathing, vibrating presence of those who stay ‘at the edge of darkness’, as Sciarrino would say.

This is austere music, but very hedonistic nonetheless, with a granular surface and occasional hints of a Scelsian drive, and is beautifully recorded. Never giving in to predictable behaviors or obvious arches, the ensemble illustrates each individual gesture in its transformation into a collective action. Not your typical ‘trombones will be trombones’ kind of record.”

– Giacomo Merega,     electric bassist and composer

Raphael Malfliet   electric bass & compositions
Karin De Fleyt   flutes
Leonhard Huhn   clarinets & alta saxophone
Elisabeth Coudoux   cello
Frantz Loriot    viola
Cécile Broché   violin
Elena Kakaliagou    horn
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø    trombone
Carlo Costa    drums & percussion
Toma Gouband    percussion 

Big week coming up !

This coming week I’ll be presenting two projects in DeSingel in Antwerp !

The first is called ‘The Songbook of Success’, a collaboration with dancer Anne-Lene Noldner (DE), for which I composed electronic music in MAX/MSP that I’ll be performing live ! You are very welcome on Tuesday at 8pm and on Wednesday at 6pm, both in the Zwarte Zaal of DeSingel !

Tickets and reservation ->

The second project I’ll be presenting this week is the release of my second album as a leader and the first album of my large ensemble featuring Toma Gouband, Carlo Costa, Karin Defleyt, Elena Kakaliagou, Elisabeth Coudoux, Frantz Loriot, Cécile Broché, Henrik Munkeby Norstebo and Leonhard Huhn. The album is called ‘LE10 18-05’ and will be for sale at the concert. The official release date is 15th of April, out on Ruweh Records


Wounded Knee

First track made in MAX/MSP
More to come !

In 1973 American actor Marlon Brando won the academy award for his performance as Don Vito Corleone in what many consider to be the best movie of all time: The Godfather.
Instead of glorifying the image and lifestyle of a dominant patriarchal crime boss, whose portrait now decorates many walls of multiple pizza restaurants, people should be notified that Mr. Brando boycotted the Oscars event and instead asked Sacheen Littlefeather (president of the National Native American Affirmative Image Committee) to represent himself and to announce his refusal of the academy award as long as Hollywood and the film industry are presenting a negative and incorrect image of the American Indians and all other minority groups. The audience both booed and applauded Brando’s bold statement.

Duo with Hanne De Backer

Video of Hanne De Backer and myself performing our first duo performance EVER !
Listen with headphones !