Raphael Malfliet - concept & electric bass
Maarten Buyl - electric bass

Governors is the first part of an ongoing audio research that focuses on the interaction of multiple feedback sounds generated by the bodies and instruments (in this case electric basses) of three players. Just as in cybernetics, the governor regulates the amount of feedback during this study by means of the actual feedback. What occurs is a seemingly stagnant stream of sound with inner moving cellular structures that leaves a felt trace after having taken place. This dance of patience connects directly to Feldman and Lucier’s philosophy of letting sounds come to you instead of pushing them around. Therefore the governor must wield a democratic approach not only to give every sound the space it deserves but also to find its own non- dictatorial role. 

Listen here to an interview on what we've been working on during our first residency at
'Musica, Impulscentrum voor Muziek'.