[Insert Name Here] - TAKE CARE

Ann Eysermans - concept, composition, video, audio, text & choreography
Raphael Malfliet - concept, composition, video, audio, electric bass, video editing

BabyJesus - video, audio, graphic design
Astrin Phosphora - video, double bass, concept
Maarten Buyl - audio recording & mix, video playback, creative advice
Istvan Leel-Össy - camera recording, lights

Two or three years ago and I started playing together as a duo. We brought viola da gamba and electric bass together and improvised. After a hiatus we started thinking of working together again but this time with a focus on connecting our scraps of explorations in video, audio, performance and internet bullshit.We called ourselves [Insert Name Here] because of the modular nature of this collaboration.T

TAKE CARE is a production in coproduction with and was supposed to be performed live at the Sint-Janshospitaal in Brugge during KAAP's Mind The Artist series. Because of COVID-19 it turned into a video work which eventually was the right format for how we wanted to approach the concept.
This work merges the pandemic situation with the "keep on going" - attitude expected from and executed by artists in a frame of ASMR treatment and shock treatment.
The result is a 1h40min movie consisting of 4 parts that can be watched in any order.

Put it on
Leave it on in the background
Interrupt it
Come back to it
Mute it
Boost it...
The choice is yours!

It was premiered on the 20th of May 2021. You can watch the full work below.