Large Ensemble LE10 18-05

Cécile Broché – violin                        
Elena Kakaliagou - french horn
Frantz Loriot – viola                          
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø - trombone
Elisabeth Coudoux – cello                
Carlo Costa - drums & percussion
Leonhard Huhn – clarinet                
Toma Gouband - percussion
Karin De Fleyt – flute                        
Raphael Malfliet - electric bass & compositions

The idea of this ensemble came to existence during the writing process of my trio with Carlo Costa and Todd Neufeld (Noumenon). I first started to hear strings and kept on wanting a broader sound spectrum which opened up possibilities to work with the register. Gradually I started adding people I knew from other projects or that I had played with. When the instrumentation was final I combined my studies in contemporary composition with writing for this ensemble. I use different notations such as classic notation, graphic scores, symbols and written directions in a sort of game structure to achieve a state where the players (which are mostly improvisers) still retain their freedom but are at the same time guided to a place where I want the music to go, trying to find a balance between freedom in improvising and control in composition by leaving some parameters indeterminate.At the same time I try to break up the traditional visual representation of this ensemble and approach every player more as actors coming on and leaving the stage for different scenes. In this scenes I work with spatialism and the acoustic projection of sound and the perception of fore and background.The ensemble just finished a residency at KC NONA, a recording in Motor Music Mechelen and two concerts in Nona and Rataplan. Next year we play a concert at DeSingel in Antwerp on the 5th of April

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  • "Noumenon getuigde al van een persoonlijke artistieke visie. Dat hij er in geslaagd is om die ook te bewaren, of in te schakelen, binnen deze ambitieuze context, strekt hem dan ook tot eer én doet al uitkijken naar de volgende stappen in zijn parcours." -Guy Peters for Enola
  • "LE10 18-05 is a superb, brilliant, and oftentimes deranging album that takes every opportunity it gets to test the musicians, the instruments, and the listeners." - for Can this even be called Music
  • "With the empathetic company of Neufeld and Costa, [Malfliet] has successfully arrived at a music that’s strikingly original in its blend of atmospherics and impressionistic melodic detail, balancing the noncorporeal sensitivity of musique concrète with the hands-on immediacy of rock music." -Tim Owen for Dalston Sound

© Geert Vandepoele

"This music is a single-minded immersion into the sound of each instrument of the ensemble, including those which remain silent. The sound is the sum of what is being played and the breathing, vibrating presence of those who stay ‘at the edge of darkness’, as Sciarrino would say.This is austere music, but very hedonistic nonetheless, with a granular surface and occasional hints of a Scelsian drive, and is beautifully recorded. Never giving in to predictable behaviors or obvious arches, the ensemble illustrates each individual gesture in its transformation into a collective action. Not your typical ‘trombones will be trombones’ kind of record."
-Giacomo Merega, electric bassist and composer