Raphael Malfliet is an experimental electric bassplayer, composer and performer based in Antwerp Belgium. He started playing the electric bass at the age of twelve and attended the conservatory of Antwerp where he followed masterclasses with Larry Grenadier, John Hébert, Anders Jormin, Ben Allison and many more. After graduating in 2014 Raphael spent considerable time in New York  to get inspired by the city and it’s musicians. His experiences there made him become interested in contemporary classical and experimental music and composition, focussing intensely on how to connect those interests with free improvised music, he started to explore new sound possibilities on the electric bass using a bow and prepared techniques. During this process he was lucky to have been surrounded by great musicians and thinkers.

Raphael's current work revolves around the attempt to translate characteristics of generative art, made by autonomous systems, to my role as a composer and performer. By focussing on a balance between indeterminate parameters and frameworks of rules and possibilities, inspired by games, He tries to challenge the performers and himself to interact differently with known material in relation to sound and space. In doing this he withholds himself from creating in a certain style but will use any means possible to support, challenge and question the subject of the research. This results in embracing randomness and coincidental outcomes that often render layers of sound with changing microscopic cell structures.

Raphael teaches electric bass and ensemble at the academy of Herentals and coordinates 'Solo Not Solo', a BA3 dance graduation project at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp.
In January 2020 he started working as production and artistic assistant at ChampdAction

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